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Osama Bin Laden found in northern Afghanistan - will stand trial in the US
Osama Bin Laden has been found in a camp just outside of Kabul by a team of six New York lawyers. Bin Laden is the founder of the organization Al-Qaeda which was blamed by the American Government for the September 11th attacks on US buildings in ...

Tony Blair to receive 297,000 in compensation?
The general figures pushed out by the Labour government inform us that stabbings and other violent crimes are down since they came into power in 1997. But opposition leaders have recently lashed out after Home Office figures pointed to an actual ...

Archbishop of Canterbury kicked to death in "honour killing"
Despite the outrage caused by the Archbishop's comments regarding the integration of Sharia Law in the UK, no extra security was provided for the religious leader. A fault that has sparked investigation into police handling of the matter. Lord Ha ...

UK Defence Budget cancelled in favour of more lawyers
It will start with the Trident missile systems and end with the cleaning staff at the MOD, but within the next five years every part of the UK defence network will be dismantled in favour of more modern defence weapons - lawyers.

A hig ...

After widespread petitioning science now classed as a religion
In a daring move to avoid further lawsuits, leaders in the science community have petitioned to be classed as a religion. After more than three years of litigation over their climate change theories the move has been welcomed by scientists who ar ...

First ever pre-injury compensation claims flooding in as asteroid heads toward earth
Until now, in the UK, everyone has been happy with the concept that you have to be injured first before you can obtain compensation. But with the asteroid Apophis hurtling toward earth people are starting to feel that the law needs an overhaul. W ...

KitKat Lawsuit fails despite "obvious merit"
Though not surprised by the ruling, lawyers for the claimant announced they, and their client, were shocked that their secondary aim was not recognised by lawmakers:

"Nestle marketing their KitKat product as a light, tasty snack is ...

Designer in court over size discrimination
The fashion world is still quaking in it's fluffy boots after last week's test case against a clothes home shopping catalogue was granted a continuance to obtain more evidence. The claimant, who cannot be named for fears of reprisal from fashion ...

New Tax Evasion loophole deemed "unsavoury" but "completely legal"
Unhappy with the 40% tax rate imposed on him as a sole proprietor, David Scanlon of Peterhead, Scotland decided to take advantage of the lax compensation regulations to join the many people in the UK living off lump sums provided tax free through ...

Man arrested for offering his friend a cigarette
With the introduction of the Suicide Act 1961, which de-criminalized the act of suicide, laws regarding assisting someone's in their own suicide were clarified:

"A person who aids, abets, counsels or procures the suicide of another, ...

Smoking Cancer risk figures are deemed misleading - does anyone care?
Despite the numerous documentaries and fictional films about the tobacco industry, often portraying them as less than forthcoming when it comes to the truth, many still whole heartedly believe the studies and data produced by tobacco firms in reg ...

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