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  A Brief History Lesson

The whole industry is a shambles, this site is dedicated to the compensation disease and how it is eating away at both justice and humanity.

I became part of this nonsense back in 1999, starry-eyed at this new wave of justice for everyone that would spread the wealth equally and fairly. Most claims reps were pretty innocent during that time and honestly believed the stuff they were told to do by the company solicitors was ethical and on the right side of the law. Claims Direct (the one at the time) went bankrupt and the directors eventually ran off with a bunch of people's money leaving them in debt. National outcry; government will look into it; directors will be tracked down; blah, blah, blah; the usual ...

From 2001-2004 The Accident Group (TAG) simply reproduced the Claims Direct model but with a much dirtier reputation. Stopping people in the street, knocking door to door and handing out leaflets in hospital waiting rooms. Exact same outcome too - the directors (who got nothing but a ban on being a director for five years) pocketed millions off the backs of claimants who ended up with nothing. So that's when the government stepped in ...... just kidding, they didn't.

So the CSC (Claims Standards Council) was born in 2004 to help self-regulate the industry and they took a lot of punishment from the dodgier claims firms who use to send bricks to their freepost address just to cost them money. The CSC generated lists, conferences, regulation ideas and basically sent out the message to the industry that it was going to clean up from the inside. Then, many, many months after everything had died down toward the end of 2006 and things looked like they were getting better - that's when the government "stepped in" and took credit for solving a problem they themselves had no part in fixing. It was quite brilliant timing really.

As for the compensation bill that finally arrived in 2007, it is pretty much worthless. It might as well be an anti-drugs bill for all the actual power it has to stem the flow of corrupt activity. The bill is written to tackle a problem that no longer exists in the industry and completely misses out the actual remaining problem of people submitting fraudulent claims.

The bill has actually managed to make matters worse because, unlike the pre-bill chatter where solicitors were nervous about taking claims from untested or unreliable sources, they now have no qualms about the source of their leads because they can dump all the responsibility for ethical processes on the Ministry of Justice. Even worse, is that hiring claims farmers in the UK has now become very difficult so solicitors (indirectly of course) are hiring people in India (outwith the MOJ's jurisdiction) to phone up random people in the UK and ask them if they want to make a claim for anything. Much better, thanks. Like we didn't have enough Indian call centres ringing us up daily for no good reason.

Something that was finally going the right way has been thrust back in the wrong direction by useless legislation. What can you expect, though, when our legal system is governed by Lords. Why does the government insist on hiring Lords to come up with nationwide solutions? They have no idea about anything let alone the workings of a dodgy claimant! They should have hired an ex-TAG director. Then again, if they were willing to buy their honours, then maybe some Lords do know something about the criminal mind after all? But let's be honest, the government didn't write the bill, the insurance industry did. European Insurance giants are our version of US Oil Companies when it comes to laws and politics.

Disclaimer: all of the above is completely made up. God told me to do it. I'm suffering temporary insanity. I was only obeying orders. My religion demands I write such things. I did it in the best of intentions. I acted on the information that was provided to me by MI5. I blacked out and don't remember writing any of that.

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