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Mining Money

Gimme Sama That Money
A Prime Number
Love, Cherish, Honour & Obey your Fanaticism
Lawyering Up is Britain's Best Defence
Science vs Religion War Over
Pre-Injury Asteriod Compensation Claims
Crisps Making Alot of Noise
Size Matters
Self Employment Far Too Taxing
No Noose Still Bad News
Puff Daddy
Deadly Game of TAG
Compensation claims off the leash
Public demands compensation for Trident
The Yanks are coming
Compensation Bills to be Approved
Climate Change Debate Heats Up
UK Booze & Cigarettes Moving to the Black Market
Crocodile Tears




  A Sitemap Page? Really?

So, our nice clear navigational display, categorisations and side column links are not enough for you? It's not like we're the 3 billion page Microsoft website. Let me guess, you're the guy who:

>> on walking into a tiny store still asks "where are the cold drinks?" instead of taking ten seconds to look around.

>> needs to check the scale of a map before using it.

>> has a globe in their home, not for fun, but to check where countries are when they appear on the news.

>> loves informing others that they have a "great sense of direction", like it's some sort of talent.

>> treats their car sat nav system like as though it's the voice of god and requires that it be on even when just popping over to a friend's house half a mile away.

>> tries to work out where migrating birds flying overhead might be heading.

Correct? Well, you're still welcome here but if you can't find your way around already then it's probably because (insert stereotypical comment based on reader's gender/race/education here) ...

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