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  Naked Compensation :: Latest Cartoons
Top Gear Top Gear - I'm normally not shocked by stunts on TV because you generally know that celebs would not try them if they were not 99.9% safe and of course there are always fifty fire engines and ambulances just off camera. But did you see Jeremy Clarkson pull that Grease manoeuvre last week? He attached spikes to...
Santa's Liability Clause Santa's Liability Clause - If a child swallows a button that falls off her doll and chokes for a few seconds, the parents will feel anger towards the manufacturor and expect some sort of compensation. If a teenager downs six alco-pops, steals a car and runs over a whole family, the taxpayer has to foot the bill?...
If You Can't Beat Them Justice Realises If You Can't Beat Them ... - This was one where the visual concept came to me before any message, and now it's done I can't pin down my own personal meaning. A commentary on how Justice is not really blind? How Justice looks after the dishonest more than the victims? Maybe about how Justice and money are now far too intertwined...
In Cars In Cars - I would like to have stuck a pharmaceutical sales rep in there somewhere but my wife was one and I like a quiet wife ... sorry, I meant life ... ;) >>> (I'm a dead man!) <<<...
Devolution Devolution of Man - We were doing so well, becoming smarter and self-sufficient, the greatest predators on earth. Now we make a living falling over one inch high paving slabs and crying like a little girl?...
Conflict-ing Conflict-ing - For those who keep emailing saying about how women are second class citizens in Iraq so Justice would not be represented by a woman - it was supposed to represent that they/we pulled down their/our own standards of Justice that day, not Iraq's....
Supply and Demand Supply and Demand - Only a complete moron would think that a regulatory body for claim companies would stop the epidemic of claim fever....
Paper Cut Paper Cut - The never ending circle of compensation....
Desperate Times Desperate times call for desperate measurements - This one is funny at first glance ... then you give it a few seconds and realise that you've actually heard about that sort of thing taking place for real. A claims company actually injuring people so they can get them to claim is a stretch of the imagination and I hope it has never actually happene...
Unethical Crossing the Line? - The media nicknamed claims companies as "ambulance chasers", a term coined in the US where injury lawyers do actually chase ambulances to ask the victims inside if they want to make a claim against anyone. The UK got far worse than that. At least the US lawyers could admit that what they were doing ...
Peace at Last World Peace at Last - In all honesty I came up with this before I found out that we have been paying out millions to people injured in Iraq. It was meant to be a joke, an assumption that countries were too afraid to attack each other now that compensation was rampant. People are even suing countries for things they did t...
Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry Move With the Times - If cartoon characters had modernised and starting suing each other my childhood favourites would never have made it for my kids to watch. Bye, bye Wiley Coyote. So long Elmer Fudd. Have a good retirement Sylvester. We'll miss you all....
Karma Karma or Employment Hazard? - I've always wondered how that went down. Do you think people in malpractice law lie when asked their occupation in hospitals? I would imagine that you don't want to tell the guy about to operate on you that you put 12 of his colleagues out of work that year or that he didn't get his bonus because yo...
Maternity Units Maternity Units - I was five years into this before my first child was born. Till that point I'd sympathised with whiplash victims and consoled those that had slipped on wet floors. After watching 14 hours of my wife in labour they can all go to hell, the bunch of wimps. Our priorities seem completely warped in this ...
God Pays Up Acts of God - Acts of God are the final frontier in compensation claims. The movie The Man Who Sued God with Billy Connelly had good points, it does seem unfair that organisations profit from perpetuating the idea that God exists whilst insurance companies profit from putting the blame on someone that cannot be t...

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