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  Train 2 Claim | Practice Makes Perfect Claims

Welcome to our claimer training section. Here you'll learn the many ways to earn a good living off the backs of your fellow man ... tax free!

1. First stop, the claim simulator. Click on the image to practice locating and falling over defects on council roads:


In the simulator you have one minute to smash yourself up as badly as possible to get the maximum compensation. You score will be shown in the top left with the damage indicator on the right.

2. Finding the right claims management company is imperative to getting your self-made compensation claim put forward. In our guide to claims management companies we list the things to watch our for that might indicate a firm is willing to help out those that help themselves.

3. Don't get caught! You may just be the unlucky one that get's their claim investigated rather than just paid out. At this point your lawyers, your legal insurance and your fake witnesses will all run for the hills leaving you holding the fines. Here are the stories of several such unlucky souls, take notes as the errors were just small but the cost was huge.   Study Fraudulent Claim Mistakes >>

Disclaimer: Of course the information on this page is satirical, ironic and sometimes ludicrous ... Most aggressively marketed claims companies will state "we are not encouraging people to claim, we are just making people aware they can". Well, we are not encouraging people to make fraudulent claims, we are just making them aware that they can. Still sound like a reasonable justification?

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